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About us

Seven Group currently has subsidiaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam , it is the most professional Printing Plate and Precision Printing Equipment agency trading company in Greater China. Have exclusive agency rights of many world-renowned brands. Simultaneously, Seven Group also owns its own brand Sevenace's printing related consumables and equipment. With Research & Development and Manufacturing capabilities, provide customers with one-stop service. In recent years, it has participated in department store e-commerce market; provide more diversified products for the global market.

We can do it!

  • Employees are solidarity, together to create professional ethics and harmonious growth environment.
  • Uphold the integrity provides comprehensive products and service.
  • To establish enterprise of the sustainable, satisfy customer needs and provide quality technical support and services.

“honestly and trustworthiness” , “responsibility’, “360° service”

Seven Group committed to participate in the world’s major printing exhibitions, collecting all kinds of printing specializes information and quotations; to adhere to the principle of “honestly and trustworthiness” , “responsibility’, “360° service”, access to more oversea factory’s long-term support. Therefore, it has become exclusive contact between manufactures and customers to purchase and sell printing plates and equipment, and to achieve mutual benefit between buyers and sellers.

Seven Group Revolution

We are leading in the printing service fields.

officially established Shin Yu Industrial Co.,Ltd in Taiwan.

officially established Toshing Co., Ltd in Hong Kong.

officially established Guangzhou Sevenace Group in China.

established Songgang prefecture level in Shenzhen.

award TORAY Letter-plate Hong Kong right agent.

introduced ESKO CDI laser engraving technology.

we dispatched our staff to Japan to training printing professional technology.

built up Plate-making studio in Hong Kong.

set-up Guangzhou Technology Department.

set-up Guangzhou Technology Department.

held the “Digital World Toppan Printing” seminar.

set-up office in Chongqing.

held “Combine Traditional and Digital look forward to wins” seminar.

introduced Asahi Kasei felxo plate.

set-up Machines Division in Guangzhou.

introduced Israel’s Digiflex inkjet plate-making technology.

officially established Sevenace Group.

draw into KPI management.

increase technology/new products development.

expands Hong Kong business.

organized by the “15th Anniversary & Thanksgiving dinner with new product press-conference.

obtains XIEKON laser engraving machine right agent.

obtains XIEKON digital printing machine right agent.

established the SEVENACE brand.

launch Inks Control System.

launch Sevenace brand letter-plate.

plate-washing machine press conference.

officially launch our production base in China.

Obtained a New Type Patent for plate-washing Machine in Taiwan.

established E-commerce department store retail in Hong Kong.

Obtained a New Type Patent for plate-washing Machine in China.

Obtained a New Type Patent for plate-washing Machine in China.

Obtained a New Type Patent for plate-washing Machine in China.

Seven Group is an agent company with prefect printed materials.
Services: Flexo-plates, Letterpress plates, special inks (UV), Plate-washing machine, Inks control systems, CDI, Plate-making equipment and precision equipment, Zironia balls, Tape and printing raw materials. Brands: SEVENACE, TORAY, ESKO, Asahi KASEI and TOYOINK Group.