Deskpack Pre-press editing tool software


Benefits of working with DeskPack plugins
【Shorter lead times!】Prepress operators can produce higher quality jobs in a shorter time.
【Error reduction】Errors are detected as early as possible, reducing the cost to a minimum.
【Very low learning curve】All plugins have the Adobe® look and feel, there is a short learning curve and low training cost.
【Absolute integration】DeskPack plugins are tightly integrated with other Esko solutions: structural design, 3D visualization, Automation Engine.

Model: G2558678

Type: Software

Tags: Pre-press editing tool software, packaging pre-press software, packaging pre-press tool software

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Individual plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®
Generate dynamic › barcodes with assured printability. This 2D barcode software plugin contains a wide range of industry standard barcodes with advanced features. Never was managing barcodes in Adobe® Illustrator® easier and more professional. Dynamic Barcodes for Illustrator offers a complete range of barcodes (even 2D and standard GS1 barcodes), with settings to assure accuracy and printability.
Text Recognition › Making small text changes in vectorized artwork is a no-brainer! Text Recognition is the only OCR tool that converts outlined text in artwork to editable text directly in Adobe® Illustrator®.
Packaging Preflight › With the DeskPack Packaging Preflight plug-in, a lot of common errors are automatically detected and listed in a report inside Adobe Illustrator. Save time and avoid costly reprints.
PowerLayout › The‘Power Layout for Illustrator’ bundle offers dedicated step and repeat functionality, combined with PDF import and the ability to add dynamic marks.
PowerTrapper › The‘Power Trapper for Illustrator’ bundle offers very powerful trapping and white underprinting functionality.
Dynamic VDP › Dynamic VDP for Illustrator allows you to easily create Variable Data Printing jobs (VDP) on a digital printing press.

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