Inks Control System

Sevenace TIPS2000

Through the intelligent software analysis of the precise file inks, save inks, save paper, save time, precision to save money and punch technology
◆ Save adjust time, no necessary specialist to adjustment【save time】
◆ Easy to use【 simple operate】
◆ To save 80% waste inks and paper【save paper and inks】
◆ Ready to print 【non-adjustment】

Model: TIPS2000

Category: Equipment

Tags: Inks Control System, Inks Control machine

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Support Software
Windows 8.1, Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz or above
Memory : 2GB , 3GB or above
Hard disk: 500GB or above
Slot: 1COM and 1 USB slot must be
File format: TIFF : 1Bit/TIFF, gray scale, CMYK, corresponding compression format (LZW, G4, G3). CIP3:ppf file.
Support Hardware
Model :FB120P
Film Blade length : up to 1500mm
A hole distance: variable or 1mm. Power : AC 100V / 2.5A
Dimensions : 183(H) x 374(W) x 283(D) mm
Weight: 15KG
Punching usage : 300,000 frequency (suggest 1 year to replace once)
Cutter usage: 100,000 frequency ( suggest 5 years to replace once)

*** Please confirm the machine before selling!

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