Artios CAD Packaging structure design software


The world’s most popular structural design software for packaging
【Unrivaled in structural packaging design】ArtiosCAD is designed to boost productivity for packaging professionals handling structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing operations.
【Design better quality packaging】The software handles all the metrics for you. It builds a perfectly fitting package around any imported 3D CAD product model. This way you’ll be able to focus solely on your creativity.
【Reduce production costs】ArtiosCAD saves hours of design work by turning custom designs into resizable design templates and adding them to your corporate library. A full integration of structural design and graphic design with production files also eliminates costly mistakes downstream in the workflow. Fold your design in 3D to check for inconsistencies before going to print.
【Rebuildable Designs】Smart standards save design time and reduce errors. Intelligent, resizable design library of the US, ECMA, FEFCO and display standards make design decisions for you. A powerful rebuild design feature allows designs to be parametrically rebuilt with new geometric values.

Model: G2558718

Type: Software

Tags: Structural packaging design software, packaging structure design system

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Faster design stage › With automated inspections, each design can save approximately 15 minutes› Proven first-class design principles.
Uniform design quality › All designers use the same design check tools.
One-click quality control ›Reduce the iterative calculation cycle between design and die making› Create accurate and produceable designs.
Increase die-cutting machine productivity › Optimize each design so that the die-cutting machine runs at its maximum speed› Potential production problems can be found in the design stage ›Compared with manual design editing, the use of automatic repair tools and smart tools can save up to 50 % time.
ArtiosCAD Can be integrated into almost any workflow
• Input format:CFF2、DDES、DDES3、DXF、HPGL、EPS、PDF 和 Elcede
• Output format:CFF2、DDES、DDES3、DXF、HPGL、PDF、EPS、Elcede 和 CAPE CIF
3D Input format:Collada、ACIS、CGM、CATIA、ProE、STEP、IGES、SolidWorks、Siemens NX、Inventor、JT or Parasolid 3D entity model
3D Output format:Collada、STEP、IGES、ACIS、VRML、U3D、3D PDF or XCGM 3D entity model

AVI and MOV animation for video

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