Water-washable Flexo plate


1.Solvent-free, shorter plate-making time
Plate can be rinsed on tap water (40 – 50oC with a little surfactant add to it). Compare with solvent plate, a better working environment and contribute to VOC reduction. Fast drying time and high plate-making efficiency (the time required for plate-making about 40 minutes/sheet).
2.Highly long-time printing: The sharpness/reproducibility is outstanding, and a very detailed image can be obtained. It is not easy to stick paper power, and the inks transfer property is excellent. It has various inks resistance properties and resistant to abrasion, and easy to storage in various environments.

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Polyester film: 0.250mm (0.010”)
Thickness : 0.95mm (0.037”) / 1.14mm (0.045”)
Size : 850 x 1070mm (33.5” x 42.1”) / 900 x 1200mm (35.4” x 47.2”)")
Hardness : 80(o)0.95mm / 78(o)1.14mm
Inks : water-based ink / UV
Reproduction : 120Lpi 5 – 95%

Click the Catalogue for more details

  • Click the Catalogue for more details

    Catalogue AquaGreen_DM.pdf download on Dec 2018