3-IN-1 Plate Making Machine

Sevenace DLF-2120L

* High Precision :Can make the TORELIEF CTP plate dots stably appear.
The external water circulation filtration system keeps the detergent clean and saves water.
*Save resources :Water circulation system, saving water.
Boil circulation system, save electricity.
Two drying drawers, improve work efficiency and save time.
* Multiple uses :TORELIEF、TORELIEF CTP, all applicable.

Model: DLF-2120L

Category: Equipment

Tags: 3-IN-1 Plate Making Machine, New Plate-washing machine, TORELIEF making machine, CTP plate making machine

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Features of Perfect Plate Making Machine
PLATE WASH-->Perfect cleaning resin: Exclusive special brush. durable、smooth、precision
EXPOSURE-->1% dots are perfectly reproduced : Accurate measurement of exposure. The height of the light source can be adjusted
EFFICIENT--> Wash a full plate at a time : Maximum plate size- 420x594mm、508x533mm
DRYING--> Not easy to crack version : Efficient hot air circulation constant temperature drying
FILTER--> Complete filter black film : Filter to reduce the influence of the black film on the layout.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL--> Can wash a variety of plates : TORELIEF 、TORELIEF CTP

DLF-2120L 3-IN-1 plate making machine
• Size of machine : 940 × 960 × 960mm
• Maximum plate size : 510 × 600mm
• Weight : 240KG
• Power : 220V / 60Hz

F-70 Water circulation filtration system
• Size of machine : 940 × 260 × 680mm
• Water capacity : 70 L
• Weight : 42KG
• Power : 220V / 60Hz

*** Please confirm the machine before selling!

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