WebCenter Professional printing standardization management software


WebCenter provides a web-based application system platform tailored specifically for the packaging and printing industry. It can manage your internal processes anytime and anywhere to help provide correct printing, as well as favorable reports, indicators and process optimization.
With WebCenter, you will have effective solutions to help you achieve digital transformation from strategy to execution.
WebCenter helps with
【Specification data】New requests can be initiated much faster, with more quality.
【Search & Reports】Better risk management and clear visibility on bottlenecks.
【Integration with business systems】Reduce risk, avoid data duplication and speed up handover.
【Approval】Approval cycles are 3 times faster and number of revisions reduced by 60%.
【Process Management】50% lead time reduction on packaging creation with half the resource utilization.

Model: G2558727

Type: Software

Tags: Professional printing standardization management software, WebCenter printing standardization management system

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Powerful BI Dashboards › Make your data even more powerful with new smart Dashboard tools. Providing critical business insights - reasons of rejection, where to optimize workflows, and where the bottlenecks are in your process.
Standardized workflows › Standardized, industry-specific, best practice workflows for structural design, artwork and estimate requests. These workflows ensure that tasks are always carried out by the right person at the right time.
Digital job specification › › Digital job specification ensures that job information is always presented clearly. Mistakes are reduced because nothing is ever lost or missed.
Central design database › Centralization of the design database ensures easy storage and sharing of design assets across departments and geographical locations.。
Fast online approvals › Fast online approvals remove one of the major delay bottlenecks in the packaging design process. Approval cycles become visible, transparent, and traceable.
Integration with MIS ›Optional integration with MIS allows bi-directional communication that eliminates double data entry and enables further automation of the workflow.

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