Flexo plate making machine

Sevenace DLF-2120F

Designed for narrow web flexographic printing applications
*Body:The whole machine is made of stainless steel and is resistant to acidand alkali.
The external water circulation filtration system keeps the detergent clean and saves water.
*Exposure:Imported PHILIPS lamp tube heat dissipation design is adopted, which makes the lamp tube light source stable and prolongs its life.
The height of the light source can be adjusted to achieve the optimal exposure of the plate, which perfectly presents the image.
*Plate wash:The transmission of the washing platform is specially designed to be quiet and stable.
The brush is special nylon bristles imported from Japan, which are durable and not easily deformed.
The cleaning brush can be adjusted in height to achieve the best brush pressure, and the resin is cleaned evenly and perfectly imaged (175Lpi, 1% dot)
*Drying:The double-layer drying drawer adopts high-efficiency hot air constant circulation, so that the plates can be dried evenly and not easy to crack.
*Post exposure / Detaching:It can save time and improve efficiency at the same time.

*Easy plate making.
*The whole machine is made of stainless steel and is resistant to acid and alkali.
*Multifunctional, all-in-one, save place.
*The external water circulation filtration system.
*Maximum plate size : 510mm x 600mm

Model: DLF-2120F

Category: Equipment

Tags: Flexo plate making machine, New Plate-washing machine, plate making machine, narrow web flexographic printing

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Exposure light source can be adjusted
The washing brush can be adjusted in height
Dry high-efficiency hot air constant circulation
Post-exposure and Detaching can be performed at the same time
Exposure / Plate wash / Drying / Post exposure / Detaching

DLF-2120F Flexo plate making machine
• Size of machine : 940 × 960 × 960mm
• Maximum plate size : 510 × 600mm
• Weight : 240KG
• Power : 220V / 60Hz

F-70 Water circulation filtration system
• Size of machine : 940 × 260 × 680mm
• Water capacity : 70 L
• Weight : 42KG
• Power : 220V / 60Hz

*** Please confirm the machine before selling!

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