Intelligent Touch Plate-washing machine

Sevenace EP-12ACL

New microcomputer washing mode
Prefect microcomputer control function has dual water supply system can accurately grasp the washing and solvent washing needs. Built-in high speed thermostat automatic within 5 minutes can rise up to 20℃ . 7”LCD display and One Touch control panel Flying Shuttle Knob can accurately wash plate quality, and use of circle-style scrubbing method, the dots state best statue.
Dry plate slot using the average number of stomata convection method, by the computer to control the drying temperature is better even and high speeds to maintain the plate of the state. After finished main exposure and detaching, also processing at the same time, save time. Microcomputer had multi-group memory function and can set fast function operation user friendly.

Model: EP-12ACL

Category: Equipment

Tags: Intelligent Touch Plate-washing machine, New microcomputer washing Plate-washing machine, Plate-washing machine

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Dual water supply system
Built-in high speed thermostat automatic within 5 minutes can rise up to 20℃.
Sensitive LED , UV by optional
Color : Blue White / Red White
Touch panel
Photosensitive / Washing / Drying / Detaching

• Dimensions : 1420 x 940 x 1000mm
• Surface area : 860 x 645mm
• Weight : 350KG
• Power : 220V
• Sensitivity : LED (UV by option)
• Circular System : Built-in

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    Catalogue EP-12ACL_DM.pdf download on Dec 2016