Zirconium bells / Zirconia beads


1.The highest density of all ceramics materials (over6.0) achieves high efficiency of pulverization and dispersion.
2.Special high-purity sintering process, can completely avoid pollution of the metal, ions, and SiO2, MgO mixed.
3.Unique to manufacture, TORAYceram has perfect appearance, smooth surface. Compared with traditional products. It’s almost no surface damage. Compared with alumina (AI203), it’s has more than 5 times of strength and toughness, grind long lasting.
4.As the size of TORAYceram symmetry, easy grinding perfect spherical. Especially be applicable for high quality ultra-fine powder necessary.
5.Even under severe grinding conditions, TORAYceram will not be broken and worn. It can prevent the malfunction of the powder equipment caused by the passage of the zirconia beads through the filter screen.

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High quality
High stable grinding
High density
High wear resistance Zironia balls
The high strength of tetragonal zirconia ceramics
Outlook full , white, no fault, no break, size balance.

Provide 0.03~10mm different size of the zirconia balls.

  • Click the Catalogue for more details

    Catalogue Torayceram_DM download on Dec 2016